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Stainless Steel Dental Tray Basket

High grade 304 stainless steel sterilization wire mesh trays & baskets
1. Strong, durable stainless-steel material
Woven wire meshed tray.
Drop down handles.
Protect-a-edge design with none sharp edges.
Electro-polished and shiny appearance
Splatters for safety
Superb resistance against alkali and other chemical liquid.
Temperature, corrosion and wear resistance.
Non toxic, no smell, healthy and eco-friendly.
2. Mesh Type:stainless steel welded wire mesh,stainless steel crimped wire mesh,stainless steel woven mesh,stainless steel perforated mesh
3. Sureface treatment:polish,powder,electrolysis
4. Characteristics: heat-resistant, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, non-toxic, health protection.
5. Usage: mining industry, chemical industry, food, medicine, petroleum, metallurgy, machinery accessories and hardware products packaging net, net basket, net, handicraft, cooker. medical sterilizing, pasta, meat, life in a basket, barbecue, basket, cookers, various supermarket goods basket, Hotel with drink, food; Office paper basket, documents, books, newspaper shelf.

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High grade 304 stainless steel sterilization wire mesh trays & baskets
Sterilization Woven Wire Mesh Basket with Drop Handles 25x30x7cm,
Rounded Corners with Electro Polished Protection Strip
Sterilization Baskets and Cassette Trays – Wire Mesh Baskets
Stainless Steel 304 (ASTM)
Mesh Type

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