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New sale record in 2022


In the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it was proposed to “promote the optimization and upgrading of trade in goods, innovate the development mechanism of trade in services, develop digital trade, and accelerate the building of a trade power.” This year, Grand Paper actively created a “new engine” for trade, seized the opportunities of digital economy development, made full use of online platforms, and actively explored overseas markets. The sales volume of the international market increased by 25% year on year, making breakthroughs.

As a listed enterprise on the New Third Board of the Group’s medical sector, the majority of paper industry’s main products ECG, CTG paper  have a good reputation in the industry and occupy a certain share of the domestic market all the year round. This year, the paper industry broadened its thinking, took the initiative to attack, took product competitiveness as an important support, accelerated the process of digital empowerment enterprises, promoted the rapid development of new business types and models, improved the smooth trade network, actively strengthened cooperation with cross-border e-commerce platforms, and assisted overseas market expansion with the advantages of online platforms such as low cost, high efficiency and wide audience. Through Alibaba International Station, Google search engine and other ways, we will drive the vast number of paper medical products to move forward to a wider range, a deeper level and a higher level. In November, the vast paper industry signed contracts with American customers for the first time, filling the gap in the American market of enterprises, and achieving a leap from “0″ to “1″. Up to now, 72 new customers will be developed in 2022.

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At the same time, the vast paper industry actively seeks for reform ideas, starting from personnel, products and other aspects, to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. International marketing personnel emancipate their minds, boost their confidence, and actively think about market expansion methods. The sales personnel follow up the order process throughout the process, analyze the customer situation one by one, actively maintain close contact with customers, find out the reasons for market changes, develop special solutions, and provide differentiated high-quality services for different foreign trade markets and foreign trade partners. Adhere to the idea of integrated development of industry and trade, closely combine customer needs, actively develop new marketing categories, and fill the market gap. This year, the vast paper industry has successfully developed the medical consumables B-ultrasonic paper  110HG through repeated updating, testing and running in.

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Next, the vast paper industry will resolutely study, publicize and implement the spirit of the Twentieth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, fully implement the new development concept, benchmark with the world’s advanced enterprises, continuously expand the industrial chain, improve the supply chain, enhance the value chain, stimulate the internal vitality of innovation, enhance the “gold content” of trade goods, enhance the linkage effect of two resources in domestic and international markets, improve the quality and level of trade cooperation, and create new growth points of performance, Achieve high-quality development of the enterprise with practical actions.1