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Woman’s Day Activity


Woman’s Day Activity

International Women's Day (IWD), abbreviated as United Nations Women's Rights and International Peace Day, is also known as International Women's Day, March 8th or March 8th Women's Day in China. It is a festival established on March 8th every year to celebrate the significant contributions and achievements made by women in the fields of economy, politics, and society. March 8th, 2024 is the 114th International Women's Day.

There are 60 female employees working for Tianjin Grand Paper Industry Co., Ltd., who mainly engaged in sales, assistants, thermal paper printing, slitting, packaging, ultrasound gel filling, quality inspection and other work. They are not only beautiful mothers and wives in life, but also plays important roles in promoting the development of enterprises.

Tianjin Paper Industry took the holiday as an opportunity to organize an activity for female employees to open shells, collect pearls, and design their own jewelry. Let every female employee feel the company's respect and care, and devote themselves to future work with a more joyful mood.